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Vision 20-20 Protocol

by Mathew John (2020-03-04)

The machine which carries out this Vision 20-20 Protocol Review procedure is software run and it attacks the tissues as per the information of the contact lens' power. The light beams used by these lasers are on the cool end of the spectrum and are not harmful for the eyes if applied in short pulses. If anyone is worried about any damage their eyes might be subjected to, while undergoing laser eye treatment, they will be reassured by the fact that the laser beam cannot remove more than 0.25 microns of corneal tissue per pulse. This thickness is roughly 1/500 the thickness of a human hair.Laser eye treatment is extremely fast and generally the entire process takes approximately half an hour. There is no need to wear eye patches post surgery. At worst the ophthalmologist might recommend the patient to use sunglasses for a few days and advise lubricating eye drops and antibiotics. In case of any pain, an over the counter pain killer can be used.