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Subliminal Guru

by Mathew John (2020-03-05)

You might think, at first, that people like the Subliminal Guru Review Egyptian population who lived in what we would consider abject poverty would be be frantic to achieve a higher standard of living. You'd have another think coming, though. Even I, a stranger among them, could sense their satisfaction with what they had. The poor are generally not the most frazzled. On the contrary: that dubious honor would be reserved for the more successful among us.What are the reasons behind this rather odd phenomenon? After all, according to Abraham Maslow, the more urgent your needs are at the bottom of his hierarchy (physical needs, safety and security needs, etc.), the fewer resources are available for reaching the higher realms of the hierarchy (like cultural, artistic, creative and spiritual needs). So, shouldn't those who are eking out a subsistence at the bottom of the pyramid be the more stressed-out? After all, their very lives are on the line!