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by Mathew John (2020-03-05)

If you study the stories of every successful Zen12 Review people in this world, you will find that they all possess this very same habit, they love what they do, and that is why they are the top 5 percent in their market. If you want to be the best, you have to be in the top 5 percent in your market. And in order to be in the top 5 percent, you must have the passion to do it. If you don't love to do the things you do, will you do it better?Success is a long-term process; it is not likely that you can achieve success in just a few hours. Therefore, you have to really find out what you love to do in your life, and do it passionately. When you are passionate about something, you will automatically have the natural motivation that keeps you going.Michael Phelps showed us the traits of success as he won his eighth Olympic gold medal at the Beijing Games on August 17, 2008. Can you imagine the excitement and emotions going through Phelps, his family, and his teammates as he accomplished this Olympic record?