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Hypnosis Bootcamp

by Mathew John (2020-03-06)

Once Jim Rohns fans had sat down and silence Hypnosis Bootcamp Review filled the setting, Jim Rohn began. He spoke about many different aspects of the individual mind and the importance of goal setting for success. The importance of staying focused on the relevant rather than the irrelevant. However one thing struck me, and it was to do with effort and work.It was a Sunday, and I guess it was appropriate for Jim Rohn to quote Scripture, though unexpected ! The main point that Jim Rohn wanted to get across to everyone was that in life we have a very limited amount of time. We all have the same hours a day and same number of days in a week in order to improve our status in life.I remember Jim Rohn repeating the phrase, "6 days you work, 1 Day of Rest". To emphasize this, he repeated this phrase multiple times. Throughout the week one must dedicate oneself to working the plan designed for success. No slacking off - if success if truly what you desire. Jim Rohn once again emphasized that the business owner needs to be consistent and productive in those 6 days of work. No momentary lapse of reason by watching the television for long hours - just because its the Rugby World Cup or the Beijing Olympics. Persistence and consistency are key in those 6 days of work.