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Detox Supplement

by hilda xavier (2020-09-16)

Detoxification is understood to be the metabolic, medical or pharmacological process that involves the elimination of toxic elements for the body. Normally, in healthy people, detoxification is a metabolic process that takes place in the kidneys and liver, organs which are responsible for reducing the toxicity of substances produced by the body itself and eliminating them from it. This same word is also used to refer to the process by which an organism recovers its homeostasis, that is, it returns to being healthy, after having consumed or been exposed to a toxic substance, voluntarily or involuntarily. This is the definition used in the field of medicine for people who have been intoxicated or suffer from some type of addiction. Poisoning from organic problems can also occur, making it necessary to use antidotes, dialysis, or liver and kidney transplants. Detox Supplement