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Nano C Immune Support Review -The best food to eat between meals

by maya justin (2021-02-27)

It is not good to spend more than four hours without eating anything, so we are going to tell you what you should eat between meals to take care of your line and be healthy. And it so happens that the Citizens always follows this advice
The time that passes between meals is perhaps the most dangerous when it comes to caring for the line. Breakfast to lunch usually takes about seven hours, and it is impossible to stay on your feet and perform well at work - or any other intellectual or physical effort - without eating anything.
In addition, if we do not eat any food for many hours we run the risk of bloating on the next intake, which will only report negative things: being full for hours, feeling tired throughout the afternoon and, of course, ending up gaining weight.
So that this does not happen to you, reader, it is good that you know that there is a particular food that is especially good to eat between meals: it is healthy, it is related to weight loss and it is easy to bring and carry.
The best food to eat between meals
Well, the best to eat mid-morning or mid-afternoon are, without a doubt, walnuts.
The nuts contain protein, healthy fats and fiber, which contributes to its good influence on body weight. They also contain heart-healthy fats and other beneficial nutrients. Of course, you have to eat them in moderation, since they have 'quite a few' calories.
A handful (28 grams) contains approximately 170 calories, so that would be enough to go between meals.
In addition, its consumption is linked to weight loss, since numerous studies have shown that eating nuts can improve metabolic health and even promote weight loss.
Inés Arrimadas's favorite
As an anecdote, it should be noted that walnuts are the favorite snack of Inés Arrimadas, candidate to preside Ciudadanos. The 38-year-old politician has a very fast pace of life, especially during the electoral campaign, and many times many hours go by from breakfast to lunch.
For this reason, Arrimadas never leaves the house without his bag of nuts, which he always carries with him in his bag. The choice of the young woman could not be more successful, as this food provides energy, is healthy and is satisfying.
Another good food to snack between meals
If you don't like nuts very much or don't want to eat them mid-morning and mid-afternoon, another very good option is fruits, vegetables cut into pieces and also hard-boiled egg, that is, cooked, since it has hardly any calories (a few one hundred).
And vegetables, for their part, contain negative calories, that is, it does not matter what you eat because in the end you end up losing weight.
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