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Prosta Stream Review -Why do I get fatter when I exercise?

by maya justin (2021-02-27)

If you are training and you feel more bloated and heavy, it may be due to the factors that we tell you below
Most of us want to lose weight. With the good faith and energy of the first months of the year, we joined the gym ready to lose all the kilos gained during the last months (and years).
However, come on, we sweat the fat drop, and in the end we hardly lose weight at all. Sometimes we even feel more bloated and gain weight. Why does this happen? Is it possible that sport makes us gain weight instead of losing weight?
Why Exercise Can Make You Gain Weight: Five Reasons
There are several assumptions that can make exercise instead of making us lose weight make us gain a few kilos and see us more bloated. This causes great despair in those who are trying to take care of, because they see that all their efforts, instead of making them progress, boycott them.
However, this weight gain is sometimes temporary and not real. Let's see in which cases training can make us raise numbers on the scale.
1) Water retention
You 'kill' yourself for an hour spinning and then you feel very bloated, you weigh yourself and you see that you have gained kilos. This is due to the retention of water in the body, which can cause you to suddenly gain up to 4 kilos in weight.
The water represents approximately from 65 to 90% of the weight of a person, and the variation of its contents in the body can vary us weight. This is one of the main reasons that diuretics are so popular: they remove water from the body, resulting in short-term "loss" of weight, but they do not help remove accumulated fat.
[You are not fat; you are bloated: how to eliminate fluid retention]
2) Weight gain after training
People are made up of muscle, fat, bone, brain, tissue, blood, intestinal gas, urine and air. And after an exercise routine, the percentage of each of these factors can change up to 15%.
Intense training causes this variability due to factors such as hydration status, inflammation caused by the repair of muscle damage or the volume of urine and blood, among others. It is temporary, do not stress.
3) You have more muscle
There is the urban theory that says that muscle weighs more than fat, but it is not true: a kilo of fat weighs exactly the same as a kilo of muscle. However, the volume of the muscle is denser, which is why it is heavier.
When you start to change your body composition with strength training, especially, you tend to build denser muscle mass and decrease body fat. This may make the weight you see on the scale higher, but you are actually losing fat.
4) You may be overeating
Many people eat more calories when they begin to exercise, thus gaining weight. This was proven by this study from the University of Louisiana, which followed 200 overweight men and women. After aerobic exercise for six months, the participants ended up compensating by overeating all the calories they had lost while exercising. Outcome? Most did not lose weight or gain it.
5) You haven't cut calories
If you keep eating the same thing and want to lose a few kilos, you will have to diet as well as exercise, because to burn calories and lose weight you will have to exercise at least for an hour, intensely, every day, but as different studies have shown It is difficult for most of the population to follow, especially if one is not used to it.
The best thing is to combine a healthy, varied, low calorie and high protein diet, as we have already told you here, with some exercise to accelerate weight loss and tone the body.
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