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Arctic Blast -How can I lose weight fast effortlessly?

by maya justin (2021-03-11)

As we know that you are not very athletic and also we are not to make efforts (since we have enough with ours) today we bring you some tips to lose weight if you are lazy
We all like to look slim and not put too much effort into it. That's why you have to be smart and take advantage of the tricks that make us lose weight without effort or, at least, without too much effort, that we are at the end of the year and it is not a plan to make (more) sacrifices.
Well, the smart thing to do is focus on your metabolism. And specifically in accelerating it. We have already talked to you in Vozpópuli about metabolism, which is nothing other than the calories you burn at rest.
Every day that passes plays against us, as this process slows down over the years. And that added to the sedentary rhythm of life that we lead is taking its toll on our health and on the scale.
The matter is serious. An investigation, conducted by the University of Queensland and the University of Victoria, linked sitting too long to having a higher risk of death and suffering from depression, cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Well, let's see what we can do to avoid all this and obesity.
The two-minute trick to effortlessly lose weight and improve your health
As we have said, we are no longer there to make many efforts. In fact, with arriving alive at the end of 2020, and as things are, it is more than better.
But if in turn we want to get not only alive but slimmer, we can do a trick that will help us lose weight with just a few minutes a day.
The catch comes from research published in the journal Physiological Reports, which showed that people who got five 30-second bursts of high-impact exercise followed by four minutes of rest burned an additional 200 calories per day.
In other words, you only need to do 2.5 minutes of exercise to speed up your metabolism and lose weight. To give you an idea: you are sitting, you get up and you run in place for 30 seconds very, very fast and intensely. Then you rest 4 minutes. And then you repeat the process four more times.
Three other tricks to speed up metabolism in a simple way
If this trick has got you down to business, we tell you others just as easy that will also speed up your metabolism effortlessly:
1) Walk when you talk on the phone
Jose Luis Izquierdo, better known as Mago More, assures in his bestseller book ' Superpowers of success for normal people ', that he changed his life adopting a series of routines in his working hours. One of them was walking whenever he spoke on the phone, something that helped him meet his daily step goal.
Extensive research, such as one by the University of Utah School of Medicine, has shown that walking for just 2 minutes after a long sitting is enough to potentially reduce the damage of a sedentary lifestyle.
2) Take a walk after eating and drink water
Taking a walk after eating not only makes lunch less fattening, it also makes you wake up and strengthens your health. And drinking a pint of water burns exactly 23 calories. And if it is cold, in addition, the slimming effect is multiplied, since the body spends more energy in heating your body. Come on, a bargain.
3) Don't take the elevator
Whenever you can, try going up and down the stairs rather than the elevator. It's easy to say and harder to do, but once you get into the habit, you won't even know how much effort it takes. Don't let telecommuting get to you or your metabolism, reader.
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