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Probio Lite - Benefits of hot water and 4 ways to drink it in the morning

by sherly sylvia (2021-03-17)

Most of us start the morning with a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea to warm our bodies after getting out of bed. When we drink water, we tend to prefer it cold, but according to Ayurvedic medicine, hot water is preferable. Regularly drinking very warm water, especially in the morning, can heal our bodies, provide digestive energy, and reduce metabolic waste that may have accumulated in our immune system.
Water is one of the best favors you can do for your body. It has amazing health benefits, like stronger kidneys, more energy, better mood, and lower cholesterol. Hot water only adds to the long list of reasons why water should be a staple in your diet with several unique bumps. No one can argue that hot water is not tasty. But the few seconds of rarity significantly outweigh the benefits.
"Doctors recommend drinking warm water in the morning, usually with a polyphenol-rich lemon dip, or with a tea that reduces free radical activity in the body,", clinical nutritionist and health media expert in Sciences. of Food and Nutrition.
The consumption of warm water increases the hardening of the intestines, which optimizes the elimination. Unlike hot water, cold processed water is devoid of many essential minerals that could become very unfavorable to the digestive tract when consuming a meal. For cold water drinkers, Metsovas recommends refraining from drinking 20 minutes before eating, even if the source is natural spring water.
Hot water benefits
Better digestion
Warm water stimulates digestion. Your body will not use as much energy to break down the food you eat, which makes it very easy to digest and pass smoothly through the intestines. Drinking cold water while eating has the opposite effect. This is another reason why restaurants offer coffee or tea at the end of a meal.
Warm water helps the body flush out toxins while you sweat and urinate. Your body temperature will rise as you consume the hot drink, causing you to sweat and flush out toxins.
Improves blood circulation
Drinking warm or hot water washes away toxins, including fat deposits, that circulate in your body, which improves blood circulation. The muscles also relax and help improve blood flow. Also, just like taking a warm bath, your arteries and veins will expand, giving more room for blood to flow.
Help with pain
Have you ever heard of women with menstrual cramps applying a hot pack to their abdomen to ease the pain? It works like a charm, not just there, but in any swollen or painful area. Hot water relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Hot water also helps with headaches and other body aches.
Helps to lose weight
The immediate effect n. # 1 is hydration, which helps shed extra pounds because you feel fuller for longer, resulting in a lower intake. Also, warm water raises your body temperature, which in turn increases your metabolic rate, which means you are burning more calories at rest. One study showed that drinking hot water helped people lose weight without having to follow a special diet or exercise program.
Delays aging
If you're looking for a free anti-aging product, look no further than your kitchen sink. As your body detoxifies, your skin can recover faster after coming into contact with germs and other free radicals. Cells repair faster, which means your skin glows. It is elastic again, which significantly reduces the risk of wrinkles. Hot water also helps against acne by unclogging pores.
Relieves constipation
Constipation is a common result of dehydration. Water is what makes food move down through your intestines. If the body is dehydrated, the large intestine will absorb as much water as it can from the food you eat, making it too difficult to move, causing pain and constipation. The warm water will break down food faster, relieving your pain faster. Also, warm water is more soothing to the intestines.
Cleans the skin
Hot water opens the pores and flushes out toxins within the skin. It hydrates it, so in a way it is also a natural moisturizer. Fewer harmful bacteria in the body and on the skin means a lower risk of skin infections and other conditions, such as acne.
Better hair
The hot water activates the nerves at the roots of your hair, making it soft and shiny. Regular root activity helps hair grow faster. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for dry hair. Each hair is made up of 1/4 of water and when you don't drink enough it makes the hair weak.
No dandruff
The logic is unbeatable: warm water keeps your scalp hydrated by preventing the formation of dandruff, which are small pieces of dead skin, in the hair.
Lower risk of infections
You've probably heard of boiled water when hiking. This is because the process kills harmful bacteria and microbes in the water that can harm your body after drinking it. By reducing your exposure to opportunistic infections, hot water is warmer than room temperature or cold water.
Improves metabolism
Drinking 2 cups of water will increase your metabolic rate by about 30 percent for up to 40 minutes, according to a study. This includes warm water, which increases your body temperature, resulting in a faster metabolism. Keep in mind that the difference will not be huge: your metabolism is mainly affected by weight, age and genetics.
Relieves sore throats
This is the perfect natural remedy for when you have a cold. Hot water dissolves the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes and helps to remove it from the respiratory tract. Drinking hot water also doubles the miracles with nasal congestion, especially if you inhale the steam.
4 ways to drink hot water in the morning
Of the following ways to drink hot water, all are excellent equally and all are taken according to your needs and the time it is being drunk. You decide when you will take each of these ways, but always with the stomach without digestion is better, that is, on an empty stomach in the morning or in the afternoon.
Hot water alone
Drink a cup of hot water on an empty stomach at the temperature at which you usually drink your hot drink, such as tea. And it is fasting because in this way it favors the detoxification process that is taking place when we wake up. Drinking water in this way makes the elimination of liquids and evacuation immediate, feeling light at an early hour to optimally receive your breakfast and your work routine.
Hot water with lemon
It is exactly the same as the previous way of drinking hot water, but adding a lemon wedge to the cup of water. Try to wash the lemon very well, disinfecting it properly. You can also, instead of the slice, add the juice of half a lemon.
Hot water with lemon and ginger
Following the same old methodology, but to this you also add a slice of ginger or carve a little fresh ginger to the glass with the hot water.
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