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VivaSlim Supplement - These six foods and drinks are making you fat (and you eat them often)

by sherly sylvia (2021-03-19)

You think you are eating or dining healthy and in reality you are loading your diet completely and without realizing it
If you are trying to take care of your figure and lose a few kilos but you can't, it is likely that you are eating at the wrong times and foods that you should not. If you are one of the typical people who wants to lose weight but you are lazy on dieting or overly monitoring what you eat and what you don’t, this will interest you.
These are the six foods and drinks that should disappear from your diet if you want to lose weight (and you eat them often):
1) Sausages, sauces and dressings
The salt liquid retained, which makes you more bloated than usual. To lose weight, you should limit your sodium intake to one teaspoon or less per day.
Sodium is responsible for water retention and swelling in the body, as it hydrates the cells. A healthy diet should contain only 2,300 mg (one teaspoon) of sodium per day.
Likewise, you should avoid very salty foods, such as cold cuts, sauces, dressings, popcorn and some cheeses (especially Roquefort).
2) Sugary drinks
The sugary drinks are closely related to weight gain and numerous studies have shown that can have negative health effects when consumed in excess.
These liquids are also full of empty calories, which neither fill you up nor feed you, they will only make you eat more during the rest of the day.
If you really want to lose weight, completely banish soft drinks, both in their light and normal versions.
3) White bread
The white bread is highly refined and often contain a lot of added sugar. Its high glycemic index can spike your blood sugar level, making your cravings for unhealthy foods skyrocket throughout the day.
A study of 9,267 people found that eating two slices (120 grams) of white bread a day was linked to a 40% higher risk of gaining weight and / or being obese. If you are one of those who cannot live without bread, choose wholemeal or rye.
4) Fruit juice
Most of the fruit juices found in the supermarket have very little in common with the whole fruit. The packages are highly processed and packed with sugar. In fact, numerous investigations have shown that they have as much sugar and calories as regular sodas.
Obviously, the best thing is that if you want to drink juice, do it yourself, but in reality it is almost better to eat the whole fruit, because that way you will be consuming all the vitamins and fiber in the food.
5) Alcoholic beverages
Previous research has not shown that there is a relationship between alcohol and weight gain, however it is not recommended as it triggers your appetite. In other words, it seems that the problem is not the alcoholic drink itself, but what you drink after (greasy food) and / or during (carbohydrate-laden snacks).
Be careful, not all drinks are the same, as we already told you here, there are some that are more fattening and others less.
6) Salads
A common salad is healthy, and if you are not on a diet you do not have to cut yourself when adding ingredients to your plate. However, you must be aware that every calorie counts, and that if you are trying to lose weight you should take care of every little food that you put in your mouth.
If you add three tomatoes, two cucumbers, two cans of tuna, turkey, capers, olives, asparagus ... in the end, you are consuming extra calories. Do not go overboard but do not fall short either.
In addition, your salad can make you fat if you add too much oil, nuts or pasta, as we tell you here.

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