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by fiona basil (2021-03-20)

To reduce the risk of contagion by coronavirus, it is best to stay at home, but at some point, you will need to restock the pantry. Here we tell you what you can do to go to the nearest supermarket, with the help of two public health experts.
Miguel Betancourt, president of the Mexican Public Health Society, and Alejandro Macías, the epidemiologist who coordinated efforts to contain influenza in 2009, ask us not to panic.
It is less risky to go out yourself to do the shopping than to order at home. But if you are one of the highest risk groups and there is no one in your family who can go shopping, then do order at home and stay home.
To take care of your health and that of your family, follow these tips:
1. Schedule your outings. Make your list well so you don't have to leave the house too often. This way you reduce the risk of contagion.
2. Take alcohol gel with you and clean your hands frequently.
3. If you're driving, gel the door handles before getting in.
4. Watch out for eyes, nose and mouth. Macías says that it is best not to touch his face but admits that we cannot resist it. What you should avoid at all costs is touching your eyes, nose or mouth, because the virus can enter there.
5. If possible, wear mouth covers on your way out. It is not essential for everyone but it can be a good measure when you are already on the street to prevent you from contaminating others or from contaminating yourself. Do not use the mask for more than four hours and do not touch it because it can contaminate it. When you stop using it, throw it away in a plastic bag.
6. That the mouth guard covers the nose and mouth. If you don't cover the nose, the mouth cover won't work. Please leave these professional mouth covers for the medical service personnel.
7. Keep your distance. Avoid being around other people. Keep about a meter and a half away.
8. Use the alcohol gel. Perhaps out of distraction you touched a shelf or grabbed a can and put it back down. Use the rubbing alcohol on your hands to keep them clean. Don't accidentally touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
9. When paying and packing, separate what goes in the fridge from the items in the pantry. When you get home, you should treat them differently. Did we already tell you to use alcohol gel frequently to clean your hands?
10. Re-clean the handles of the car if you are going to use it to drive home.
11. At the entrance of your house, isolate products that do not go in the refrigerator, such as cans, cereals, flour and other ingredients. For the virus to deactivate it is better to wait 48 hours. Insulate those packages.
12. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
13. Put what goes in the fridge in the sink and change the packaging before putting it away.
14. Change your clothes. Leave the one you brought in the basket.
15. It is not necessary that you wear mouth covers indoors, unless you have the disease or are caring for a patient who has it.
16. Discard the mouth guard you used on the street.

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