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Keto Elite Pills - How to whiten the armpits using lemon?

by sherly sylvia (2021-03-22)

The spots on the skin can appear in any area of the body, one of them is in the armpit area, where a dark color can be seen in the area of the birth of the hair and the skin folds. Known as dark armpits, this effect does not have to be permanent since there is a citrus fruit capable of reversing it, it is the use of lemon to whiten the armpits.
The human body can be considered a temple, a multifunctional organism that needs daily care to avoid the appearance of annoying conditions that damage our image.
One of those uncomfortable conditions usually occurs in the armpits when, due to the accumulation of dead cells, they can darken, causing an appearance that is difficult to hide. At that time, it is necessary to try different options that can help whiten the armpits without damaging the skin.
Whitening the armpits using lemon
Within the world of underarm whitening possibilities there are many options, but none as effective as lemon. This citrus fruit has the particularity of promoting the elimination of dead cells by gradually lightening the skin.
The effectiveness of lemon is so high that it can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients, generating excellent results. It is important to note that to have the best effect, before applying each remedy, it is necessary to clean the armpits in their entirety in order to remove the remains of dead cells.
1. Lemon juice
Rub or rub the juice of a lemon on your armpits, emphasizing the most affected areas, then leave it on for half an hour and rinse with plenty of warm water. It is recommended to use it at night, because the lemon combined with the sun can cause adverse effects.
2. Yogurt with lemon
Yogurt is refreshing by nature and is also a great disinfectant. If you want to obtain excellent results, it is advisable to initially use a little olive oil to clean your armpits and then apply the yogurt. Use 2 tablespoons of yogurt and a little lemon juice. For greater effectiveness you should use this mixture seven day a week.
3. Baking soda and lemon
This mixture will help you whiten your armpits by eliminating bacteria and giving you a good exfoliation. Use the lemon juice with the baking soda on the affected area throughout the night, then wash it in a common way the next morning.
4. Glycerin, almond oil and lemon
Another of the best alternatives is to mix the lemon with glycerin and almond oil and spread it over the entire armpit area. Let it carry out its action for about 20 minutes and finally remove the preparation with water.
5. Oatmeal, honey and lemon
To use the oats, we must spread lemon and honey until we get a paste, and then place it in our armpit for a full hour. Once the time is up, wash the area and dry it, if you want a better effect, do the same action twice a week.
Other underarm whitening options
If you want to try other methods to whiten your armpits, in addition to the well-known lemon, here are some natural remedies that have proven to be just as effective.
Potato juice: Ideal for whitening the skin as it does not cause irritation. First you must grate the raw potato and apply the sumo that it has on a clean gauze. Work the liquid on your armpits and allow it to do its work for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off.
Sandalwood: Among its properties is not only to whiten the armpits, but also to soften and perfume them. You can intensify its fragrance effect by mixing it with rose water, and create a paste to apply to the affected area allowing it to work for 20 minutes. For the treatment to work, it must be done every day.
Apple cider vinegar: it is quite popular for its properties that care and heal the skin. Everything is due to its acid content, which does not give room for the proliferation of bacteria, eliminates the bad smell and also whitens. Clean your armpits once a week with a cotton pad soaked in this substance.
With these measures you will understand that whitening the armpits is a very easy procedure. Don't let uncomfortable and unsightly stains spoil special moments or make you self-conscious. Fight this situation with one of these remedies and feel comfortable and self-confident.
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