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Granite x700 Male Enhancement - What happens if you don't skip breakfast?

by sherly sylvia (2021-03-25)

Today, the world lives in an uproar, where people are at full speed and under incredible stress. If they stop doing the most important thing, eat breakfast, as they are so busy, they have no appetite, ravaging the stomach and without contributing even a gram of energy to the body, or what is worse, eating junk food for breakfast.
Our obligation is to keep the body awake for hours, but without food, this is more than a challenge, impossible to achieve.
Why you shouldn't stop breakfast
When we take the time for a healthy and balanced breakfast, we are providing our body with 25% of the energy necessary for the entire day. And if we include whole grains we will be satiated longer.
However, this should not be unknown. We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but that we often overlook. Therefore, we must make a great effort and leave the rush and obligations for just a moment. Our health must always come first. These are some of the main consequences of skipping breakfast, both physically and performance level.
Decreased physical performance:
• Inability to focus or focus on tasks.
• Tiredness or likelihood of experiencing fatigue early in the day.
• Decreased attention.
• Less memory capacity.
• Increased likelihood of irritability or restlessness.
Health-related effects:
• Increased likelihood of weight gain due to unhealthy snacking or slowed metabolism.
• Increased risk of developing diabetes.
• Greater chance of high cholesterol.
• Higher potential for high blood pressure.
If you need to go even deeper, we share the note on why you should never skip your breakfast again.
Breakfasts you can try
So, we leave you some super easy and practical recipes for you to try at your breakfast, apart from being delicious, your palate and body will appreciate it.
Cereals and berries
In a bowl, you will add a good handful of oat flakes, half a cup of soy milk, skim milk or water, accompanied by strawberries, plums or apples, and for a more nutritious touch add nuts.
This type of breakfast will provide you with fibers and antioxidants. Fruit is a great macronutrient; Oats, for their part, provide you with carbohydrates and nuts, will offer you excellent antioxidants such as phenolics and resveratrol.
Whole wheat sandwich with turkey ham and avocado
It made your mouth water. This is another of the most varied and healthy breakfasts, which you can accompany with a drink rich in vitamins such as a natural orange juice or a three in one (carrot, beet and orange).
Preferably, a whole grain or whole grain bread, turkey ham, for having less fat, a tablespoon of olive oil and avocado pieces is recommended. You can even make it from chicken or natural tuna.
Whole grains will give you a feeling of fullness for hours. In addition, avocado is high in vitamin E, it is good for reducing cholesterol and it helps us better absorb all the nutrients in this breakfast, including the excellent antioxidants in orange juice.
The important thing at breakfast time is that you provide your body with fiber, proteins and natural fats, this will allow you to start the day with energy and good spirits.
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