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Fry keto shark tank -What do you need for a natural makeup look?

by maya justin (2021-04-15)

Looking good is a topic of daily debate among women, either because of the products used, or because of the new style that is in fashion, however, natural makeup can be a growing trend to deal with the chemicals that they can damage the skin.
Nowadays, achieving a natural look is the fashion among women and this has led to the discussion of the tones and amount of natural makeup that should be used to achieve it.
Recommended cosmetics for natural makeup
In this opportunity we will present you the products that you should have in front of the mirror when applying makeup.
Homemade dark circles concealer
This is the ideal friend of all women. With it you can remove traces of dark circles, or hide small marks that can make your skin look older.
We can prepare a natural concealer for dark circles, for this we will need the following ingredients:
• Shea butter 200g
• Aloe vera gel, about 2 heaping tablespoons
• Beeswax 100 g approximately
• Argan oil 150 g
• Bentonite 40 g
• Cocoa powder small quantity, about 5 g
• Essential oil of your choice (optional)
1. The beeswax should be melted together with the shea butter; you can get it with the bain-marie. Once melted, the aloe vera gel is added and integrated into the mixture.
2. Later, with the warmer mixture, add the cocoa and bentonite. In this step you must add cocoa until you get the desired color.
Natural makeup base
The makeup base is placed after the concealer and is the mask that will cover your face for the rest of the day. When purchasing the foundation, it is recommended that you look for protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays and that it also suits your skin type and tone. You can learn a little more about how to apply foundation correctly.
Makeup powder
The loose powder will serve to seal the foundation and give an even texture to the skin of the face. It is ideal to have it close by since it has many benefits in terms of cosmetics, and that is that the powder can help to keep the makeup for longer, it also absorbs dirt and you can have it on hand to carry out any touch-ups you need.
With the use of the smooth you can outline the contour of the face and highlight your features. Another option is the use of blush, which is part of the smooth. However, there are many women who use it alone and when using it you should not abuse it.
Mascara and eyeliner
With mascara you will increase the volume of your eyelashes and you can choose to do it at home, know this good option to make a homemade mascara. With this product you can frame and highlight your eyes.
You can use matte color bars, creamy texture lipsticks, team up with lip crayons, or use gloss. They should be light pink, or beige.
You can also prepare a natural lipstick with homemade ingredients. Try making a lip balm with these tips.
Used to apply the foundation, the powder, each of the shades of the smooth, the leftovers and the lipsticks.
The fashion for natural makeup has been going on for several months and seems quite popular due to its slightly overloaded benefits. Dare to try it and see how you look sensational with this fresh style
Learn about other alternatives such as mineral makeup that can be applied without clogging the pores, being very beneficial for the skin and helping you look splendid.
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