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What happens if you drink juice everyday?

by maya justin (2021-05-23)

The benefits of natural sugar-free juices can be measured from its properties to provide the body with nutrients and vitamins that protect it from a large number of diseases and can also be of great help to reduce weight, eliminate toxins, boost the immune system among many other benefits.
The benefits of unsweetened juices
As recommended by research provided by the Mayo Clinic, moderate consumption of grape juice has the same heart benefits as red wine.
The juice of red and purple grapes reduces the risk of blood clots, lowers LDL (considered bad cholesterol) and prevents damage to the blood vessels of the heart.
It is always advisable that the unsweetened juices be prepared at home and drunk immediately after their preparation to take advantage of all their benefits, especially to avoid products added by factories.
There are many myths surrounding natural juices, but science confirms that when you consume them in moderation, you improve your digestion, have more energy for your day to day, and strengthen your immune system.
Benefits of natural juices
• They contain many minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. They are also rich in vitamins A and C.
• They are fat-free and provide simple sugars, providing extra energy.
• In the digestive process, active plant enzymes join with the enzymes present in the stomach, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.
• Our body assimilates 85% of its nutrients, so it is ideal to consume a glass of fruit juice a day.
• Natural juices are a source of antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables are filled with substances like beta-carotene that help prepare the body to fight against various diseases.
The best option is to prepare these natural juices at home and just before being drunk, in this way we can take advantage of all their nutrients.
This type of juices provides you with carbohydrates (carbohydrates), minerals, vitamins, which when ingested act as antioxidants neutralizing the action of free radicals, offering protection against diseases.