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Gluconite - Can you lose weight just eating eggs?

by maya justin (2021-06-28)

Today we tell you all about a controversial regimen that, although very effective, is not for everyone
Today we bring you a controversial but effective diet to lose weight. Its duration should be no more than two weeks, since it is very restrictive, low in carbohydrates and calories. And, be careful, it is not for everyone, because you only have to follow it if we are very overweight.
Its mainstay is the egg, as you may have already assumed, and it is a diet rich in protein.
The egg diet has many versions, and in all of them you can only drink water or calorie-free drinks. Foods rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars, such as most fruits and all breads, pasta, and rice, are prohibited. We will tell you about it in more detail below.
What can and cannot be eaten on an egg diet
This diet is very restrictive, as we have told you. You will start the day by eating eggs and throughout the day vegetables and lean protein.
The protein that can be eaten:
• Eggs
• Chicken.
• Turkey.
• Fish.
The fruits and vegetables you can eat:
• Broccoli.
• Grapefruits.
• Asparagus.
• Mushrooms
• Zucchini.
• Spinach.
• Chicken is very satiating
• The chicken is very satiating Gtres
A day with the egg diet
This would be a food day of the egg diet:
Breakfast: two eggs and a grapefruit, or spinach and mushrooms if we take them in an omelette.
Lunch: roast chicken breast and broccoli.
Dinner: a portion of fish and a green salad.
With this regimen they lose up to ten kilos
The more overweight we are, the more we will lose weight with this regimen. Experts suggest that up to ten kilos can be lost in just two weeks. Why? The reason is that this diet puts the body into ketosis, whereby fat stores are converted into ketones, which feed muscles and brain instead of carbohydrates.
This achieves greater fat burning and relatively rapid weight loss compared to a traditional regimen.
The ketogenic diets, such as egg, get the body to change its fuel supply to accommodate primarily fat. That is, whoever follows it will be burning fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If done in a controlled way and for a short time, it is a perfect regimen to lose weight. In addition, it is possible to lose weight without starving (due to the high consumption of fat and protein). During the first days of the diet you will be lacking energy until you enter a state of ketosis; From this point on, the body will begin to convert fat into energy.
Eggs, very good for losing weight
The whole eggs are a fantastic option for losing weight. Although they have been widely vilified in recent years, new studies show that they neither affect blood cholesterol nor cause heart attacks, as has been claimed.
In addition, they are one of the best foods to lose weight, since they are rich in protein, healthy fats, increase the feeling of satiety and are very low in calories.
A study conducted in overweight women showed that eating eggs increased feelings of fullness and made participants eat less for the next 36 hours.
Why is it not for everyone?
It is a very extreme diet, which only has to be followed under the supervision of a nutrition professional, as we run the risk of suffering from malnutrition and extreme exhaustion.
In addition, suddenly switching to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet also causes nausea, constipation, flatulence, and bad breath.
The daily calories from the egg diet are around 1,000, which is slightly less than recommended. According to Harvard Medical School, it is not safe for us to consume less than 1,200-1,500 calories a day.
High blood sugar usually develops slowly over a period of hours to days. But missing a dose of insulin can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels just above your target range may make you feel tired and thirsty. If your blood sugar level stays higher than your target range for weeks, your body will adjust to that level, and you may not have as many symptoms of high blood sugar.