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MetaboFix - Can apples help lose belly fat?

by sherly sylvia (2021-07-05)

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The apple is a beneficial food for the body in many ways according to various investigations that have been carried out on this fruit. Among some of which perhaps not much is known is that the apple peel helps to lose weight, in addition to being the part of the fruit that contains more beneficial properties for the body.
Many of the benefits of apples are in their skins, so it is important that apples are not sprayed with pesticides, the best option is always to choose organic products, free of contaminants.

The importance of apple peels was discovered after Dr. Adams, an American physician who is an expert in how hormones affect the body, began searching for a medicine to stop muscle loss that would keep people strong, reducing their muscle mass. risk of fractures that are difficult to heal.
According to this doctor, muscle deterioration is very commonly associated with disease and aging, delays recovery. Muscle deterioration is not well understood, and there is no drug to reverse it effectively. To solve this problem, Dr. Adams from the University of Iowa studied the genetic changes that occurred during muscle atrophy.
Tests on the properties of apple peel
In the studies carried out, a normal diet was prepared with small amounts of the compound present in apple peels, what was found was that the muscles of the rats tested grew larger, and they had better control over them.
The benefits of apple peels did not end there, but it was also found that the animals subjected to this test had lower levels of fat in the blood, avoiding bad cholesterol and other fatty blockages that damage the heart, arteries and also presented reduction of fat in the body.
Why is apple peel useful for weight loss?
The peel of the apple has within its elements the presence of ursolic acid, which prevents the wear of the muscles and that the cholesterol or the sugar in the blood rise.
Delays aging
Keep in mind that muscle wasting is associated with aging, it is for this reason that a food that helps us delay such a situation is extremely useful for the body and gives clear indications of its great properties, and many times due to ignorance we end up pulling garbage apple peels.
Benefits for muscle development
In addition to the above, the apple peel helps the muscles grow bigger and that the control over them is more precise due to the compounds present in this part of the fruit.
Cholesterol reduction
On the other hand, a diet that includes part of this peel will also cause elements such as cholesterol, among others, which are to blame for clogging the arteries, to be removed little by little. This is undoubtedly a clear benefit for heart health.
Similarly, ursolic acid is believed to be related to enhancing the effects of insulin, one of the growth factors.
Finally, apple peels can increase the amount of brown fat in the body, which means that we will be able to burn more calories and therefore we can lose weight more quickly.
Other foods that help you lose weight
Keep in mind that ursolic acid is distributed throughout the peel of the apple and that if preferred it is also found in blueberries, basil, oregano, thyme and prunes.
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