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Exogenous Ketones Keto - What is the most popular hair color for 2021?

by maya justin (2021-08-05)

The first thing is to clarify what is a fantasy dye? The dyes fantasy is those that give hair a color that is not natural, ie: green, pink, purple, among others, but can be adapted to the skin tone and hair style you use.
One of the main issues to take into account once we decide to join this trend is our skin tone, and also our undertone, because depending on these the result can vary a lot in terms of the hair color we should choose.
How to choose the right fantasy dye?
The undertones are divided into two: pink and yellow. If you do not know what your skin undertone is, a very simple way to find out is to observe the veins on your wrists, if they are green your undertone is yellow, while if they tend to be more blue your undertone is pink.
A fantasy hair color according to your skin tone
Well, now we move on to the color of your skin: if it is very light, practically any fantasy color will suit you, since it adds intensity to your image, the same happens if your skin is white with a pink undertone.
A bold and fancy hair color
On the other hand, if your skin is white with a yellow undertone, we recommend using any color that is in the range of yellows, that is, green, orange, red and all its variants.
Green is a trend
If your skin is of a medium tone, the ideal colors for you are strong colors, such as burgundy, strong green or deep blue. We also recommend pastel colors, as long as you use them on the tips or in gradient.
Now if your skin is dark brown you may have heard that fantasy colors are not recommended for you, although everything is in getting a color that is ideal for you.
Fantasy red dye for brunettes
Brunette girls look amazing with colors like orange, fuchsia, and red. But the winning color is undoubtedly purple, as they create an incredible contrast between your skin tone and hair
Remember that this is only a guide, you can decide the fantasy dye that you like the most and paint your hair in the color that you like, to use a fantasy color the only requirement is to have enough personality and know how to wear it.
Of course, it goes without saying that the process of bleaching and applying the new dye is quite harmful to the hair, so we recommend that you try to take care of it as much as possible as this can cause serious problems for your hair, which may cause frizzy hair or damaged ends.
Shades of reddish colors in highlights and roots
A bath of natural color to avoid damaging the hair
Another option that is not at all harmful to our hair, is the color bath, which can give fantasy colors to the hair but with herbs. Also another option is to color the hair with plants, this will avoid the damage of the dye although its effect will not be the same. To achieve a fantasy dye that stands out, you may need to consult with the stylist, he will know how to recommend a product that does not harm your hair.
You should not let what they say stop you, if you want to paint your hair do it, surprise everyone with a hair of colors and that your appearance reflects as never before how special and unique you are.
Other trends that are having a high impact on the catwalks and parades are the Californian highlights, a look that goes with different styles and seems to never go out of style.

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