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Revitaa Pro Customer Reviews -How do you make homemade facial cleanser?

by maya justin (2021-08-13)

Keeping the skin clean is the secret to obtaining perfect skin, since the dirt in the air, the sebum that is produced, the remains of creams or makeup accumulate in the pores and cause blackheads, for these reasons it is essential to use a facial cleanser homemade and for all skin types.
The skin should be cleaned every day and if possible twice, the first cleaning is done when getting up to start the day with a clean and perfect skin and to be able to apply makeup on it and finally clean it again before going to bed to remove dirt and products that have been applied. All people who practice this routine will get beautiful skin without blemishes.
The daily facial cleansing can be done with natural cleansers, which are free of chemicals and substances that can damage sensitive skin. In addition, homemade facial cleansers are much cheaper and are just as effective.
How to make a facial cleanser for all skin types?
The next cleansers are made with natural products that have properties that benefit all skin types.
Homemade honey cleaner:
The honey is a natural product recommended for oily skin, dry skin and normal skin, as well as being an excellent cleaner, manages moisturize, remove blemishes and acne.
How to clean the skin with honey? Only a few drops of liquid honey should be placed on the palms of the hands and then applied all over the face with great care not to soil the hair or clothing. Once it is spread all over the face, it should be rinsed with plenty of warm water, it is not necessary to let the honey act, it should simply be used as liquid soap.
Finally, the face is dried with a paper towel, it is important that the paper is not dragged on the skin, rather it should be tapped until the paper absorbs the water.
Facial cleanser with milk:
Cow's milk is also ideal for cleansing the skin and removing makeup, this product is the most effective natural makeup remover that exists. Using it is very simple, you just have to soak a piece of cotton in this liquid and apply it all over the face, including the eyelids. Then it is removed with a piece of clean cotton by gently dragging it.
Milk, in addition to cleaning the skin, has moisturizing properties which are ideal for all skin types and does not cause greasiness in oily skin.
Deep facial cleansing with baking soda:
Another powerful cleanser and facial exfoliator is sodium bicarbonate, this should replace soap and milk or cleansing gel, since it eliminates bacteria and perfectly cleanses the pores, but also exfoliates the skin and bleaches dark spots.
A mixture with bicarbonate and water should be made to form a paste that can be spread all over the face. Finally, rinse quickly with plenty of warm water and dry your face with a clean towel or paper towels.
Face cleansing with yogurt
Yogurt is capable of cleaning and detoxifying the skin, and if you mix it with a few drops of lemon you will get a product with an exquisite aroma, capable of refreshing the skin and eliminating blemishes and acne. The yogurt manages to hydrate the skin and clean it deeply, however it is not advisable to prepare the facial cleanser with lemon if it is going to be applied in the morning, since the sun would cause spots on the skin.
To clean the skin in this way, you just have to spread the yogurt all over the face, leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes and remove it with the help of a piece of cotton or an antiseptic gauze, finally rinse the face with plenty of water.
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