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We propose 10 smoothie recipes with less than 150 calories to refresh yourself during the summer in a delicious and healthy way.
Summer, heat, desire for delicious and cool drinks ... and temptations in the form of ice creams and the like on all corners. But fortunately, there are healthier alternatives not to fall for them, at least not on a daily basis.
And in this post, we are going to take advantage of the fruits that summer offers us to prepare 10 smoothie recipes with less than 150 calories to refresh ourselves in a healthy and delicious way on the hottest days. The possibilities are endless, just combine fruits with low-fat milk without added sugar - the richest, coconut and almond - or with fruit-flavored infusions to make fabulous smoothies that we can make even more refreshing if we use fruit. frozen or add some ice cubes made with the infusions. Those with a sweet tooth can add a little honey, agave syrup or stevia.
If we want them to be even more creamy, instead of cream or high-fat dairy, we can add a piece of avocado, which will not alter the flavor and will be a much healthier fat.
Smoothie recipes with less than 150 calories
Cherries, pineapple, mango, oranges, bananas and even some vegetables such as spinach have a place in the blender when making any of these shakes.
For all of them, the procedure is always the same, in a food processor or in a blender, add the liquids first, then the fresh fruits, and finally the frozen ones and ice, then crush first with a few strokes at maximum power to break the ice and the frozen fruit and then at a slower speed until everything is crushed.
Cherry, pineapple and orange smoothie
• Frozen pitted cherries, 150 g
• Chopped pineapple, 60 g
• Orange juice, 100 ml
• Coconut milk, 100 ml
• Ice cubes, 2 or 3
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
It is a slightly lighter variant of this one that we suggested some time ago.
• Frozen chopped strawberries, 150 g
• Ripe banana, ½
• Almond milk, 125 ml
Tropical green smoothie
• Unsweetened almond milk, 175 ml
• Chopped pineapple, 125 g
• Banana, ½
• Fresh spinach, 15 leaves
• Ice cubes, 4
Creamy peach smoothie
• Ripe peach, chopped, 200 g
• Coconut milk, 125 ml
• Ice, 2 cubes
Healthy Pina Colada Smoothie
• Frozen chopped pineapple, 200 g
• Coconut milk, 175 ml
Refreshing mango with orange and apple smoothie
• Orange juice, 100 ml
• Coconut milk, 100 ml
• Mango, 100 g
• Red apple, 1
Low calorie mocha and coconut frappuccino
• Black coffee, 100 ml
• Coconut milk, 100 ml
• Banana, 1
• Ice cubes, 8
• Agave syrup, 2 tablespoons
• Cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon
It can be garnished with a little grated coconut
Light apple pie smoothie
• Apple compote, 180 g
• Almond milk, 150 ml
• Ice cubes, 4
• Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
• Ground cinnamon, ¼ teaspoon
Red fruit and orange smoothie
• Orange juice, 125 ml
• Almond milk, 125 ml
• Ripe banana, ½
• Frozen berries, 125 g
Pomegranate and red fruit smoothie
It is the perfect smoothie to say goodbye to summer, when the first pomegranates begin to appear.
• Pomegranate juice, 125 ml
• Ripe banana, ½
• Frozen berries, 125 g
• Coconut milk, 100 ml
And these have been our 10 smoothie recipes with less than 150 calories, can you think of any more combinations to add to the list?
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