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Folifort - What causes you to lose weight rapidly?

by maya justin (2021-09-27)

There are certain foods that will make us not hungry for hours, and they are also very good
If lately you notice that you are hungrier than you should, that the dishes you eat do not fill you up at all and that you are always tempted to continue eating late, you may not be making the right choice.
There are foods that satisfy us more than others, and we are very wrong about which are those of this select group. Be careful, all this has its science. Keep reading what will interest you.
There are certain foods that are more satisfying
Researchers at the University of Warwick (England) have unraveled the brain mechanism that causes us to feel full. The definitive conclusions have been published in the journal 'Molecular Metabolism'.
There are foods that have amino acids that activate sensors in our brain's satiety centers
Experts have discovered that there are nerve tissue sensors, called tanicytes, which are found in the third and fourth ventricle of the brain and whose activity extends to the hypothalamus.
These sensors respond to two types of amino acids: arginine and lysine. And now comes the best of the matter: there are certain foods that contain them. That is, the more we eat, the fuller we will feel with less quantity. We just need to make the right choice. And what foods are they? The following.
The nine foods that satisfy us the most
Research has found that there are nine foods that make us feel much fuller, thanks to their high arginine and lysine content. And they are these:
• the tenderloin
• Pork tenderloin
• The chicken
• the mackerel
• Plums
• The apricots
• The avocados
• The lentils
• The almonds
We see that the list is complete: there are fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. If you eat these foods, you will be less hungry and, therefore, eat less throughout the day, so you will end up losing weight.
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Almonds are a good option, but if you want to lose weight, don't go overboard with the amount
Almonds are a good option, but if you want to lose weight, don't go overboard with Gtres
Why these foods help us lose weight
The study experts are clear. "These amino acids slow down digestion, and are also able to keep blood glucose levels relatively constant, reducing the appearance of cravings. However, the findings have shown that the brain is a key player in the regulation of energy, and that amino acids can have a satiating effect ", they say.
According to experts, this discovery could represent a before and after in weight control regimes and the global problem of obesity, since it could encourage the manufacture of new drugs that stimulate these cells, and that act as suppressors of the appetite.

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