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Molten Keto-What is the fastest home remedy for urinary tract infection?

by fiona basil (2021-10-04)

Having urinary tract infections can be very stressful and lead to even more serious health problems, so knowing how to treat them in time can make a big difference, there is a natural way to combat urine infection with cranberries, which thanks to its properties can provide rapid relief. It is necessary to have a correct diet in conjunction with the supply of abundant fluids in order to alleviate infections.
When you suffer from a urine infection, it is also very important to know which are the foods to avoid, for example the consumption of green tea, along with coffee and alcohol are the first to be put aside if we suffer from urinary tract problems.
When we suffer from urine infection we are facing a disease that is common, especially in women of all ages, but even more so in adulthood. This problem in the urinary system turns out to be somewhat painful, leading to an altered emotional state and in many cases preventing adequate rest, since it usually causes insomnia and even affects the development of daily activities, so a treatment for the infection of urine is more than necessary.
The remedies or treatments that we can take at home should not replace the tests that we must carry out and the consultation with a specialist, since in this way the true cause can be identified and the condition treated, however, on many occasions the prescription of antibiotics and its consumption can lead to liver problems and even not be the cure for urinary infections. Therefore, we must make an effort to prevent cystitis or urinary infection and use a natural treatment that is effective for us.
Causes of urine infection
Each of the ducts of our kidneys, from the urethra to the kidney itself, is very important that they are kept in adequate conditions, both in their operation and the permanence of an acidic environment in order to avoid the formation of bacteria.
Among the main causes of infection that occurs in the urinary tract we can find factors such as:
• The pregnancy.
• The use of contraceptives.
• The presence of diabetes.
• Prostatitis.
• Not emptying your bladder properly.
• Presence of kidney stones.
• Surgery that affects the urinary tract area.
• Lack of hygiene or improper hygiene
All the aforementioned conditions are usually the cause of the formation of bacteria in the urinary tract, including also their inflammation due to obstruction.
What are the symptoms of a urinary infection?
• Discomfort and pain when urinating, accompanied by a burning sensation in the area.
• L urinary incontinence
• A slight or sharp pressure is usually felt in the pelvis
• The color of the urine may become cloudy and bleeding may occur in some cases.
• Elevation of body temperature.
• Pain in the lower back
Natural treatment for urine infection
There are a series of natural solutions that we can deal with when a urine infection occurs, and it is with the use of natural antibiotics, these foods are ideal to counteract the bacteria that cause infections. You can know other ingredients that you can use together also to obtain the benefits of natural antibiotics.
Garlic with parsley
Both garlic and parsley are foods that we can consider as antibiotics due to their antimicrobial properties. These foods are easily incorporated both in meals and in juices, such as parsley juice or the use of garlic milk, for example.
The use of parsley both in juices and juices is the most appropriate way to take advantage of all its benefits since it can be easily used raw without losing its properties, you can also mix it with fruits to create an acid effect.
Use of lactobacilli
The use of lactobacilli can help improve the body's natural defenses , you can find them more commonly in fermented yogurts and in dietary supplements, these considered "good bacteria" present in these foods can be ideal to treat urine infection by helping us generate antibodies , at the same time can help improve other health problems such as diarrhea in children, lung infections, herpes and lower high cholesterol, among other beneficial contributions.
Red cranberry
The cranberry is one of the ideal foods to deal with urinary infections due to the presence of the antioxidants that compose it, among them we can find those such as carotenoids and anthocyanins. With its antibiotic and antiseptic effect, it can directly attack the germs that cause infections, in addition the presence of vitamin C in blueberries helps us to raise our defenses by enhancing our immune system.
The use of diuretics is essential to keep the urinary tract clean and clear, helping to eliminate foreign bodies that can cause infections. There are many foods that can be used as natural diuretics, you can incorporate cucumber, asparagus, watermelon, apples, pears, grapes and pineapple into your dishes, these fruits can also act as anti-inflammatory when combined properly.
The importance of preventing urinary infections
1. Keep your body hydrated, it is the best way to prevent infections.
2. Add the aforementioned foods to your diet, the contribution of vitamin C is ideal to avoid infections.
3. Hygiene care for intimate parts should be daily and done in the right way. Learn more about tips for proper hygiene of intimate parts.
4. Avoid using poor quality toilet paper.
5. You should never leave your intimate garments wet after exercising, a bath is recommended.
6. Wash newly purchased undergarments before use.
7. Do not retain urine, holding back the urge to urinate is not advisable.
Preventing urine infections does not require much effort, and can save you a great number of problems and the loss of time in recovering from normal state of health.

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