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Tinnitus 911 Ingredients - Why is my deodorant staining my clothes?

by maya justin (2021-10-11)

Deodorant is one of those products that cannot be missing from your list of personal hygiene items. Like most cosmetics, they should be chosen based on their components, scents, and quality. However, if you perform certain actions you can make the deodorant leave you, losing all its effect in a short time.
There is one for every skin type and need, but as powerful as they are, their effect will not be 100% reliable if you do not apply them in the right way. Have you ever sweated or experienced irritation or a bad smell despite having used it? Even in that you can make mistakes and here we tell you about them.
Errors that cause deodorant to leave you
Beyond knowing how to apply deodorant correctly, it is necessary to know that there are alternatives such as homemade deodorants that do not damage the skin and can also help you always have a good scent.
Apply it only once a day and on damp skin
No, once is not enough, even if the promotion tells you that its effect lasts between 12 and 24 hours. Use it at night, before sleeping, and in the morning, before going out. Take a shower or wash, and wait for it to dry completely.
Use it as an antiperspirant
Although many claim to be antiperspirants, don't be overly confident, especially if your PH is strong or you sweat too much. Remember that the deodorant prevents odors and the antiperspirant prevents sweat in that area . If you can't buy both products separately, at least make sure the deodorant you choose actually does both. Learn about the best treatments to avoid excessive sweating.
Use antiperspirant during the day
It is convenient that you apply your deodorant only at night because that is when the armpit is usually drier and its effect will be longer lasting.
Dispense with towels to dry the area
If you are one of those who simply let your armpits air dry, you are making a big mistake. Use a clean, completely dry towel to wipe off excess water. Only in this way will the area be optimal to receive the deodorant and it will remain for longer.
Using deodorant after waxing
Another big mistake. Whether you're using wax or conventional razors, don't apply deodorant immediately after waxing. The chances of them irritating the skin are quite high. If you do not want to take risks, wax at night, when you are at home and if you sweat no one will notice.
Ignore that the armpit is irritated or tender
In those moments the ideal is to do without deodórate. Some have chemicals and scents that could aggravate the situation. You will always have the option of buying one that is hypoallergenic, but before doing so, consult a specialist, especially if the situation is recurrent.
Get dressed immediately after putting it on
This is also not right, especially when using roll-on deodorant because they take longer to dry and stain clothes. Wait a few minutes and when there are no traces, you can dress with confidence. Please do not reuse if you have a bad smell and have not washed your armpits. Not only will you pollute it, but you will make the situation worse. If necessary, apply home remedies. The mixture of baking soda with lemon usually works to eliminate the bad smell of the armpits.
Spray very close to the armpit
It is said that you should move the spray 10 to 15 centimeters away. Be careful not to breathe it in or spray it in your eyes. Two quick sprays will suffice. Do not think that by emptying the entire bottle you will have better results. And these are tips for those who use this type of deodorant, but as we have already mentioned, it is best to use homemade and natural deodorant.

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