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Striction BP Advanced Formula - How do you remove oil from hair?

by maya justin (2021-10-11)

Say goodbye to greasy hair with these simple tips that you can try today to help you get rid of greasiness easily. The oily hair not only appears to have skin problems or genetic inheritance, we must know that our hair accumulates dirt during the day so the hair becomes oily and fatty.
Nothing more unpleasant than greasy hair. That shine and always-wet look greatly affect your appearance. To look good, not only the choice of outfit is important. The mane should be silky, clean and with a good aroma, but unfortunately many women find it difficult to maintain hygiene in this area. And not because they refuse to do so, but because they have a greater tendency to produce oil on the scalp.
How to remove oil from hair?
While it is true that factors such as stress, hormonal changes, poor diet and the use of inappropriate products influence the hair, it is also true that there are ways to counteract the oil in the hair. In the way it is treated and in the products to which it is exposed are the keys to achieving a more cared-for hair. Pay attention to these suggestions and you will see how the problem is reduced. You may not disappear it, but you do control it and that's what counts.
Tips to eliminate oily hair
You may think that washing it every day will solve the problem, but this is not the case. With that action you will only make it weaken and fall. Rinse it every other day and to prolong the effect, apply a spray that counteracts the shine caused by grease. Over time, the hair will adapt to this new hygiene frequency, reducing the fat in the hair.
Wash it properly
The way in which you wash your hair influences the formation of oil on the scalp. It should be done gently, with the phalanges and not with the tips or nails. Energetic movements stimulate the glands that produce fat.
Opt for a natural shampoo
Shampoo should be chosen very well. It is a mistake to think that the more nutrients you have, the better. Clear mint shampoos are the best, however you can make your own shampoo for oily hair. And remember, if your hair does not present the damages for which the product is designed, do not use it. You will only make it fat and heavy. There are chemicals for each type of hair and damage and you must choose the one that best suits you. People with fine hair should be more cautious. No oils or masks.
Food for healthy hair
Everything you eat will be reflected in your hair, so you should choose a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and proteins. Do not forget the water since the hydration will also be reflected in the appearance of your hair.
There are behaviors and habits that you can avoid like touching it too much and using hot water to wash it. Both actions activate the glands that generate fat. In those emergency cases, in which you do not have time to wash it, you can sprinkle a little talcum powder. Shake it well and you're done.
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