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VikingXL Customer Reviews - Can antioxidants be harmful?

by sherly sylvia (2021-10-19)

To know what antioxidants are and what foods contain them, it is necessary that we first establish the importance they have for our health. Antioxidants play a fundamental role in cleaning free radicals, which are harmful to our health as they can cause the accumulation of waste that will lead to more serious health problems such as diabetes, problems related to heart function and even tumor formation.
So, what are antioxidants
Antioxidants play an important role in overall health. They are natural compounds found in some foods that help neutralize free radicals in our body. Free radicals are substances that occur naturally in our bodies but attack fats, proteins, and DNA in our cells, which can cause different types of diseases and accelerate the aging process.
The importance of antioxidants
Having a healthy body full of great health requires care and the daily consumption of certain elements capable of keeping the machine that is the human body in perfect condition. In recent years, people began to talk about antioxidants and this gave way to health scholars seeking their properties and health benefits.
These investigations resulted in the main function of this chemical substance being ingested to subsequently oxidize in the body, but what could be positive about ingesting something that will then be oxidized in our body?
The answer to this question is very easy: when we consume antioxidants, our body oxidizes this chemical substance to distribute it to vital parts of the body.
Internal oxidation
When we consume antioxidants, our body acquires reserves, which will be oxidized as the first option. Thus, our body will enjoy the vigor it needs and will continue to have optimal health.
It is important to note that the consumption of antioxidants that are already oxidized does not cause any positive effect for the body, since being a load without relevance, the body automatically begins to burn its own sources of antioxidants.
What foods are the best sources of antioxidants
These chemicals are usually found in vitamins and some fat solutions. The best way to consume antioxidants is by eating red apples, coffee beans, red or green fruits and vegetables, and green tea. Each of these food groups have important nutrients in them in addition to these beneficial chemicals.
It is important that you bear in mind that the oxidation process outside the body can be caused by high temperatures. For this reason, it is advisable not to cook or prepare these foods in a special way.
As mentioned above, the foods that are the most suitable sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, as well as products derived from plants.
List of foods that contain antioxidants
Some good options include:
• blueberries
• raspberries
• apples
• broccoli
• cabbage
• spinach
• eggplant
• watermelon
• papaya
• canola oil
• olive oil
• also, legumes like kidney beans or black beans
• green tea
• black tea
• pomegranate
The important thing when it comes to consuming foods that provide antioxidants is variety. Try to get as many different colored fruits and vegetables when planning your meals or shopping. A wide variety of colors in your diet will give you the widest range of beneficial antioxidants.
Does it matter if the product is cooked or consumed raw to acquire antioxidants?
Depending on the particular food, as cooking temperatures and methods can sometimes increase or decrease antioxidant levels. The important thing is that you consume foods rich in antioxidants, so this question is also related to the personal taste of each person for the preparation of food, as long as you do not fry it in oil.
Is it advisable to acquire antioxidants naturally?
Vitamins such as C, A and E can be found for example in orange juice. There is no significant physiological difference between added and naturally occurring antioxidants in the food source. However, there is also no evidence that taking antioxidant supplements work as well as the antioxidants found in food products.
For this reason, it is very important not to overdo the supplements and it is always recommended to consume antioxidants naturally.
How many antioxidants should we consume per day?
There is no recommended daily amount to consume, but it is recommended that you include half of your fruits and vegetables with other foods in your daily diet. This way you can be sure of getting the doses you really need and keeping the internal oxidation in optimal conditions.
Excess consumed energy usually calories from fats or carbs is stored in fat cells in the form of triglycerides. This is how your body preserves energy for future needs. Over time, this excess energy results in a fat surplus that can affect your body shape and health. To promote weight loss, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. This is referred to as a calorie deficit. Though it varies from person to person, a daily 500-calorie deficit is a good place to start to see noticeable fat loss.