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Age Reversal Technique - What health risks can be associated with weight loss diets and fads?

by maya justin (2021-11-07)

Losing fat is a long and slow journey. It is made even slower by errors in reducing diets. Not making these mistakes will make the difference that you can reach your goals more quickly
Most common mistakes in reducing diets
Errors when starting reducing diets happen in the choice of the product, if you are about to buy some foods that are labeled as products for " diet ", " without fat " or " without sugar ", from now on I can tell you that you are going to make a mistake.
Many people see these buzzwords about reducing diets and assume that what they are buying must be healthy, but on the contrary, it is not only unhealthy, it will not meet your expectations of losing weight.
1. Completely eliminate carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and should never be excluded from a good diet, but only well managed achieve their main objective, that is, their consumption should be at breakfast (and / or) lunch, of this way you have the rest of the day to burn them.
A reducing diet without carbohydrates will only make you lose weight temporarily, but as soon as you start consuming it again you will gain even more pounds than you already had.
Everything in this life is a question of balances, you can eat well, but without excesses, so if you want to avoid these types of common mistakes in reducing diets, you can benefit from a wide variety of foods.
2. Stop eating
Another mistake that is usually made in reducing diets is that many people stop eating because they believe that they will lose weight this way, but the opposite happens, because while you eat, the faster your body will work and in the same way the metabolism increases, which is responsible for burning all those excess calories and absorbing the necessary nutrients.
Let's compare the body with a fireplace full of burning wood, if you don't add wood to it, does the fire go out, right? eat 3 times to make it work better and faster.
3. Do not drink water
This is one of the biggest mistakes made when doing reducing diets and it is not drinking water; Let us remember that more than 75% of our body is made up of this liquid and that it is vital to increase the secretion of fluids such as sweat and urine, which is precisely where all toxins are eliminated.
There is a misconception that drinking water makes us gain weight, since many people who do so do not go to the bathroom often and by retaining all the liquid they consume, they gain weight; Well, the fault is not the water we drink but the amount of sodium that does not allow this precious mineral to fulfill its objective; For that, you have to reduce your sodium intake and you will see how this will begin to change.
4. Take pills
I'll just ask you a couple of questions about it: are you going to take pills for the rest of your life? or are you going to eat healthily for the rest of your life? Pills are not food and they are not natural, if you intend to lose weight by consuming pills you are making another of the great mistakes that are made in reducing diets.
5. Stop eating the rest of the day as "punishment"
If you are on a reducing diet and for some reason "you fall into temptation" and at lunchtime you eat that delicious dessert that you like so much, what do most people do? Do not eat anything the rest of the day, and this is one of the most common mistakes in reducing diets.
This is very common to happen (interrupting the diet) and the best thing to do is precisely eat your correct food three hours after that "great sin" that you just committed.
Now I will tell you why. That healthy food that you are going to eat will ensure that the body's metabolism continues to increase and in this way will help to burn that famous dessert more quickly; But if you don't eat anything, your metabolism will be so slow that the only thing you will achieve is that that sweet treat from lunch stays there doing its thing.
6. Follow diets recommended by friends or celebrities
Have you ever heard that saying: "each being is unique and unrepeatable"? Well, that's exactly what you should take into account when doing the reducing diet that made your neighbor lose more than 10 pounds in just one week, or the soup reducing diets with which your favorite actress was fabulous to his latest movie.
We must be very clear that if what they did worked for the neighbor and the actress, it does not mean that it will have the same effect on all of them. Having a healthy nutrition designed by a professional according to your own body, your medical conditions, even the tastes for certain foods is the correct way to achieve your ideal weight, because it is not about losing weight for the party that we have. next Sunday we look spectacular for the rest of our lives, right?
7. Not knowing how to read labels
The two buzzwords lately "fat free" is for some all they need to see to buy that product. Here the matter goes through the "portions".
It is not that the complete product has the grams of sugar that they tell you there, no, it is that that amount of sodium or carbohydrates that appear must be multiplied by the number of servings that they indicate there.
In other words, they give you the incomplete amount of these ingredients so that you not only eat badly but, as if that were not enough, you have to take the trouble to do the multiplication that they did not do for you and this can cause errors. most common in reducing diets.

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