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Lumiace Cream Review - How can I get healthy hair naturally?

by maya justin (2021-11-11)

Our hair protects and covers the scalp from external conditions and agents, such as cold, heat, humidity and other factors, so it is vitally important to keep our hair healthy and healthy, in addition to helping us look better aesthetically. For this purpose, there are a series of tips that you can use according to your hair type, and some natural oils to maintain healthy hair that should not be lacking in your beauty treatments and even daily use.
How to keep hair healthy?
It is known that there are a wide variety of hair types and that it also depends on what care it specifically requires. The most common types of hair are:
Smooth, straight or lysotric
The shape of the follicle is round and is oriented vertically to the surface of the skin at a right angle to it. This type of hair is usually ideal for braiding hairstyles with a wide variety of different styles.
Wavy or cinotric
Wavy hair is oval in shape and oriented at a sharp angle. This type of hair is usually more difficult to adapt to certain types of haircut, however with the correct care, waves can be worn with all the shine and naturalness.
Curly or ulotric
It is elliptical in shape and the orientation is parallel to the surface of the skin. In this type of hair, the excessive use of conditioner or shampoo can worsen the situation, especially if drying is also done with an absorbent towel. The ideal is to wear a shirt, in this way the hair will be damaged less than when squeezed and frizz will be avoided.
Having a beautiful and healthy mane should not be a tedious or complicated task, we only need ingredients that nature itself provides us to give it the correct care and as free of chemicals as possible, adapting them to our hair type.
Basic hair care:
1. Use a shampoo that suits our needs and hair type, in order to have proper cleaning and hygiene. In this case, it is recommended, for oily hair, to use a shampoo that is not creamy, and one prepared naturally will always be better, you can learn how to make a shampoo with baking soda at home to take advantage of all the advantages that it can provide and how to use it to keep hair healthy.
2. Also use an herbal conditioner that nourishes our hair and thus keeps it easy to handle.
3. Every fifteen days, at least, use a cream bath, preferably natural, to deeply nourish our hair.
4. Do not wash your hair with hot water, as this weakens and opens the pores of our scalp. If necessary, try after the shower, give a bath of cold water specifically to our hair, to close the cuticle and pores, in addition to providing a lot of natural shine to the hair.
5. Comb the hair. Yes, although it seems that we all understand this point, there are some tips that may be necessary to learn to keep hair healthy, for example combing the hair helps to stimulate the scalp, thus helping to improve circulation in the scalp as well, promoting the growth of our hair.
6. Something that some of us fear is cutting our hair, but doing it regularly can help keep it healthy and healthy. For this reason, we must cut, at least the ends, every three months.
7. There is something we should not do and we always forget, which is not to tie our hair while it is wet, because not only does it create a bad smell, but it also breaks the fiber of our hair, breaking it and creating marks in places where there were none before.
Methods to hydrate and nourish hair naturally:
The perfect and ideal moisturizers for our hair are natural oils such as olive, coconut, rosemary or argon. We must ensure that these are 100% organic for their best performance. We apply them once or twice a week, together or separately, leaving them as long as possible, with a minimum of 15 minutes. These oils, in addition to helping us hydrate and nourish our hair, prevent split ends and avoid frizz.
Using avocado to keep hair healthy
The avocado helps give shine and moisturizes our hair. We just have to wait until it is as ripe as possible, and we can mix it with some oil or mayonnaise for greater hydration.
The cinnamon is considered the quintessential hair lightener, so we can apply it as a tonic, at least 3 times a week. We make a kind of infusion with cinnamon sticks, let it cool and apply it.
Parsley helps eliminate dandruff, so we must make an infusion with a sprig of parsley, and apply it cold after shampooing, then rinse and that's it.
How to use rosemary to care for hair?
Rosemary helps prevent hair loss. Making an infusion with sprigs of rosemary, letting it cool, and using it as a tonic, two or three times a week, or mixing it with the daily application of shampoo, we prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
Recommendations to care for our hair
The most important thing is to stay constant in our routines, preferably using natural ingredients, as free of chemicals as possible, since they will be absorbed by our scalp; We must also remember that our diet directly affects our hair, and the way our hair looks and feels, and we must not forget that our hair not only serves an aesthetic purpose but is essential for our health.

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